The purpose of Day Services is to provide skill building and growth in order to have more meaningful interactions in an inclusive environment. Life Bridges provides services for individuals with a wide range of ability levels; from those learning personal hygiene skills to those ready to train for a job in the community. These services are provided in home, at our main facility, as well as out in the community.

Staff invest in the lives of the people supported by getting to know the individual; learning their interests and goals, and helping them find activities that are in line with these. Outings and activities focus on a variety of skill building and exploring; including volunteering, learning about jobs, and focusing on pursing interests. Activity based teaching empowers people to attempt new things in non-threatening ways; it promotes new skills, and provides a means for them to delve deeper into their community.

For those interested in pursuing a job in the community, services focus on identifying interests and skills and using them to discover a meaningful workplace. The person is supported in learning the skills necessary to interview for a job, learn on the job skills, and how to approach any workplace problems as they arise.

Regardless of where the person is in life, Day Services strives to support people in their goals and interests in a way that provides meaningful interactions and expand the person’s life in a positive way.