Medical, Mental Health, Behavioral and Psycho-social Rehabilitation Services:

Life Bridges is committed to total support for the persons served by the agency. Life Bridges hosts an on-site medical clinic, at the main Center, that includes physicians, a psychiatrist, a physician’s assistant, and nurses. The medical staff provides primary health care services for the people served by the agency and referrals to specialists as needed. Individuals choose the services they want based on their level of need. All medical services are outpatient in nature. Therapy services provided by the agency include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, nutritional therapy, and behavioral therapy. Case managers assist each person in accessing all appropriate services and supports.

Nursing and Personal Assistance:

Medical Residential homes provide in-home nursing services for people who need daily support that only a nurse can provide. These homes also boast direct care professionals who assist in increasing skills toward independence.