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February 2023 Newsletter

A Note from Diana Jackson, CEO

Life Bridges celebrated staff members who had milestone anniversaries as employees with the agency. Longest serving employee, Cheri Williamson, was honored for her 40 years of continuous service to the agency. Employees celebrating milestone anniversaries included 54 employees representing 575 years of service to Life Bridges. The enthusiasm was great and laughter, tears, and confetti all had their place. The employees receiving awards had tenure from 5 years to 40 years of service (in 5year increments).

At the meeting we also kicked off our yearlong celebration which will include a looking back over the last 50 years of the people and families we have supported and the staff who have worked at the agency. Notably, Eddie Elrod, has been supported by the agency since 1974 – yes 49 years! Joann Knoxville is the oldest recipient of services at age 93, and Cheri Williamson is the staff member with the most tenure, 40 years, and she is still working!!

Staff, we will offer fun & exciting opportunities all through the year to you in celebration of our 50 years. Remember to practice for February 20th Cornhole Tournament and good luck!


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Employee Recognition

Spirit of Life Bridges is Roni Rawls Pictured L to R: Dr.Brown(Board Pres.) Roni Rawls, Diana Jackson,CEO
Employee of the Year goes to John Blackburn: L to R: Dr. Brown, John Blackburn, Diana Jackson, CEO
Life Saver Award: l-r: Dr. Brown, Shelby Stoddard, DelindaConner, Ana Terrero, Diana Jackson Not pictured: Ecco Ford, Morgan Yarber
Directors Choice : L to R: Dr. Brown with Kalie Shields, Diana Jackson Not pictured: Christine Campbell, Heaven Fields, Darlene Henderson, Cristi Waters
30, 35, 40 Years of Service: l-r: Dr. Brown, Cheri Williamson 40 years, David Schoate 30 years, Diana Jackson 35 years
20 Years of Service: Dr. Brown, Aurelia Kanarski, Diana Jackson Not pictured: Cynthia Barber, Jini Wilson
15 Years of Service: l-r Dr. Brown, Zuleika Rosa, Christine Hamby, Diana Jackson not pictured: Brenda Ackey, Donna Williams, Gina Dodd, Rebecca Kennedy
Volunteers of the Year: Barbara Goins and Sandy Sodemann Pictured l-r: Barbara Goins, Dr. Brown, Sandy Sodemann
10 Years of Service: seated l-r Dawn Long, Denise Hope, Juanita Breedlove, William Beavers Standing: Dr. Brown, Douglas Oxley, Dusty Zembree, Doug Ledford, Keisha Hardin, Meta Hansen, Brandy milligan, Ashley Striker, Tna Richardson, Delinda Conner, Frankie Wakefield, Brittany Trentham, Diana Jackson Not pictured: Kaycee Smith, Dalton Cash, Brittany Cox Rebecca Muncy, Erin Rogers
5 Years of Service: seated l-r: Susan Phillips, Melissa Hamilton, Matthew Hamby, Karen Kelley standing l-r: Dr. Brown, Danielle Bentley, Stacie Goode, Chelsea Dunn, Bessie Croan, Debra Daniels, Melissa Cate, Meghan Baliles, Lisa Copeland, Diana Jackson Not pictured: Helean Arp, Alissa Bishop, Eddy Dyer, Susan Nemeth, Gwendolyn Slaughter, Ruth Stokes, Christie Chatfield, Stephanie Sexton, Sumer Taylor