When individuals begin receiving Life Bridges services, they experience thorough assessments and observations in all areas of life: medical, social, behavioral, and psychological. Insights from these assessments are used to develop customized plans for each person for meeting his or her specific needs. Each plan addresses medical and therapy needs, training and learning needs, and housing and social needs, and employment needs.

Each individual’s plan is maintained and monitored by a case manager, who works to ensure the person receives the appropriate supports and services. The case managers work closely with the individual, family members, departments of the agency that provide services, and medical professionals in the community. They transport individuals to medical appointments and act as the person’s advocate with medical providers.

Depending on the level of need, an individual may benefit from some or all of the services provided by Life Bridges, including residential, medical, community involvement, and employment assistance.

Life Bridges

Building Bridges Between You, Your Loved One, and the Community

Organizational Values

We believe all people have the right to live, work, and socialize in their community. We believe abilities should be a primary focus rather than disabilities. We believe service recipients should have the freedom to function in an open, non-restrictive environment consistent with the rights of other people their age.

These beliefs are the impetus for promoting opportunities for all people to choose where they live, work and with whom they develop relationships. The foundation of all we do is our desire to respect and maintain the dignity of all people.

Core Values

We believe the provision of quality service is made strong with a commitment to integrity. At every level of need, we are committed to the idea that the service recipient is our top priority.

Our services are based upon a strong commitment to ethical behavior, quality services and supports, innovation, teamwork, and compassion. These combined core values provide the impetus that results in changed lives and quality of life for all people we serve.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing exceptional services to our service recipients, families and our community to promote independence, respect, and trust while meeting our social and financial responsibilities.