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Community and Day Services

Day Services

Life Bridges staff invests in the lives of the people supported by getting to know the individual; learning their interests and goals, and helping them find activities. Outings and activities focus on a variety of skill building and exploration activities; including volunteering, learning about jobs and focusing on pursuing interests. Activity-based teaching empowers people to attempt new things in non-threatening ways. It promotes new skills, and provides a means for them to delve deeper into their community.

Since 2017, we have doubled the number of people who use only community-based supports.

A community liaison continues to develop opportunities for volunteering, networking, and employment for people with an emphasis in adding new opportunities for personal growth.

145 People Supported

70 Life Bridges Staff

Community and Day Services

Employment Community First CHOICES (ECF)

For those interested in pursuing a job in the community, supports focus on identifying interests and skills and using them to discover a meaningful workplace. The person is supported in learning the skills necessary to interview for a job, learn on the job skills, and how to approach any workplace problems as they arise. There are 25 people supported employed in the community at minimum wage or better. Three Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s), Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care and AmeriGroup provide funding for the ECF CHOICES program. Life Bridges received one of the highest scores across the state of Tennessee for Employment Community First CHOICES quality assurance monitoring. We have expanded our service areas to include McMinn and Meigs county.

27 People Supported

5 Life Bridges Staff

Community and Day Services

Watch Our Video About Andy’s Day

Life Bridges provides daily opportunities for individuals with mental and physical disabilities to enjoy activities that most of us may take for granted.

A walk on the greenway, shooting some baskets with friends, or a morning cup of coffee gives us a sense of belonging, tranquility and accomplishment.

Our short video provides a glimpse into a day in the life of Andy, who receives support from Life Bridges, as compared to Jason who does not require supports.

Check out this video about how Life Bridges “Bridges the Gap” for Andy and many others in our community. . .

24/7/365 Support

Residential Services

Life Bridges staff provides 24-hour residential services. These include individualized support such as enabling technology, assistance with daily personal hygiene, meal preparation, laundry, transportation, special dining plans, community activities, therapy plans, first aid, CPR, and medication administration.

Professional hospital sitters are also provided as needed.

110 People Supported

280 Life Bridges Staff

40+ Residential Facilities

Residential Services

Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID)

Life Bridges has four ICF/IID homes. Individuals supported by ICF/IID services are medically fragile and/or behaviorally challenged. Programming is tailored to the needs of the individual and is provided on a 24/7 basis.

These supports include nursing, therapies and active treatment.

Active treatment is a system of both formal and informal training towards independence that occurs around the clock across all settings. The ICF/IID is a very active department with a focus on community participation. Staffing is based upon individual need.

20 People Supported

80 Staff From a Variety of Disciplines

4 Residential Facilities w/24/7 Operations

Therapeutic Services

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist provides assessments and treatment for functional limitations related to ambulation and other mobility-related needs to either improve or maintain current functional abilities and to prevent or minimize deterioration of chronic conditions.

We oversee/provide equipment needs related to losses in mobility, such as braces, wheelchairs and other positioning equipment as well as providing staff training related to written therapy plans.

59 People Seen Monthly

2 Life Bridges Staff

Therapeutic Services

Occupational Therapy

After a comprehensive assessment, the Occupational Therapist provides treatment for functional limitations of daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and sensory deficits.

The Occupational Therapist also trains staff members on individualized support plans.

23 People Seen Monthly

1 Staff

Therapeutic Services

Speech Therapy

The Speech Pathologist assists with individual limitations involving communication, cognition, hearing, and chewing/swallowing. Assistance is also provided through communication devices or any other form of communication. Mealtime assessments and resultant dining plans describe safe ways for individuals to eat including texture and thickness to prevent choking and aspiration pneumonia.

The Speech Pathologist will provide staff training as needed.

59 People Seen Monthly

1 Staff

Therapeutic Services

Nutrition Services

The Nutritionist provides assessments and treatment related to nutritional needs, nutritional counseling, and education. Nutrition education includes food purchases, meal preparation, and supporting the person while eating.

The individual, supporting staff, and the nutritionist work together to develop individualized nutritional plans.

56 People Seen Monthly

3 Staff

Therapeutic Services

Behavioral Support

The behavior analyst evaluates and develops behavioral support plans and intervention strategies related to a person’s behavior. Targeted behaviors may jeopardize the health and safety of the person supported, endanger others, or prevent the person from being able to participate in community activities.

38 People Seen Monthly

1 Staff

Healthcare Services

Medical Services

Medical Services practitioners provide care for acute and chronic issues, lab work, nurse treatments, assessments, and exams. Communication between departments is maintained daily.

The Medical Services team also procures medication and medical supplies for all residential facilities.

In addition, Life Bridges has 55 nurses who provide in-home nursing care to a total of 37 individuals residing in 9 locations where nursing services are required 24 hours a day. The nurses provide ongoing assistance and support to all individuals while working in these homes.

Life Bridges also has an Administrative Nurse on Call to provide guidance and address immediate medical needs with access to the practitioners and pharmacist for questions and orders whenever necessary.

2 Medical Doctors

1 Psychiatrist

5 Medical Office Nurses

3 Medical Assistants

550-650 Visits per Month

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